All Plumbing and Repair is a leading provider of plumbing and plumbing-related repair services in Houston, TX and all the nearby locations. We are the company that you can rely on if you require services such as the installation of sinks, toilet bowls, cisterns, water tanks, water pipes and taps, gas pipes and bathtubs among others. We are also involved in the installation of drainage pipes, sewer installation, and unblocking of clogged drains and other plumbing systems. We also repair all kinds of plumbing systems. In short, we provide a wide array of services related to plumbing installation and repair. Therefore, if you need to install or repair any plumbing-related unit in your premises, All Plumbing and Repair is the plumbing company that you need to contact for assistance.
Our plumbing services are unique because we focus on achieving excellence in service delivery and providing our services at very competitive rates. In other words, we aim to achieve high levels of quality and at the same time make our services very affordable. To accomplish this goal, we have invested in technologies that enable us to deliver high-quality results within a very short time. As a result, we are able to serve many customers within a short time and thus reduce our operating costs. We then pass this benefit to our customers in the form of very competitive pricing for our services.

We also stand out as a plumbing company that keenly listens to its customers. By paying attention to what our customers are saying, we are able to do things right the very first time we work with any client. We also take note of our customers’ feedback regarding our plumbing services, and this has enabled us to significantly improve the quality of our services.

If you are in Houston or other areas like Cypress and Kingwood, we can readily serve if you contact us.If you are a homeowner in Birmingham, AL or the surrounding areas, you will at one time need the services of a plumber. You don’t want to bring just anyone to install, inspect or repair your plumbing and for this reason, we invite you to try Chris Rooter Plumbing, Inc. We are a premier plumbing service in the city and we also service the neighboring communities of Vestavia Hills, Homewood, Hoover and Mountain Brook. We bring to your plumbing job close to three decades of experience, which makes us the go-to plumbers for your home. Our team of plumbing technicians boasts decades of experience and we are confident enough to guarantee 100% satisfaction for every job we handle. Over the years, we have built a reputation for reliability, which has helped us earn the trust of the local community. We pride in receiving most of our new business from referrals and return clients. If you have any plumbing issue in Birmingham or the surrounding areas, give us a call today and let’s get your plumbing in good shape.

Chris Rooter Plumbing, Inc. is a family owned plumbing service that was launched in 1990. From a humble one-van service, we have now grown to become the most trusted plumbers around here. We have built our plumbing service on excellent delivery, trust, and integrity. Ours is a licensed and insured business and all our technicians are highly trained and certified. To deliver the best services, we have also invested heavily in the latest technology including video and heat monitors. We also have fully equipped service trucks that are always ready for dispatch around the clock.

Our comprehensive residential and commercial plumbing services make us a one-stop shop for all plumbing concerns around here. If you have just searched the phrase ‘plumbers near me’ and you are around Birmingham area, get in touch today or browse through this website for more information.

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